E.T.S. S.p.A.




ETS Engineering and Technical Services S.p.A. (ETS GROUP)


Via Mazzi, 32 – Villa d’Almè (Bergamo)


Construction design, medical equipment, VVF dossier, Safety Legislative decree 494


Engineering and Technical Services S.p.A., with controlled Xpanding s.r.l. and Ing.Romano & Ing.Parietti’s Study, has been active for 20 years in several fields, including: civil, industrial, structural and plants engineering, architecture and renovations for historical/artistical buildings, IT and Facility Management.
ETS Group has a solid experience in steel and concrete structures, railway lines and technological systems (mechanical, electrical and heating system).
ETS has also an important record on environment and land management.
The ETS staff has a wide range of competencies and experience, ranging from feasibility studied to bill of quantities, from design to site management and work safety. The company has a quality certificatied UNI EN ISO 9001.


Engineer ROMANO Donato
Structural Engineer Designer
Specialized construction manager for structural works
Construction Manager and coordinator



Engineer PARIETTI Giambattista
Medical Equipment designer, VVF dossier and Safety
Safety coordinator for design and execution time





 info @ etseng.it


 +39 0356313111 (tel)


 + 39 035545066 (fax)