SCAU s.A. – Societé de Conception d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme


Rue Lemaignan, 5 – Paris


Group Leader Company in charge of the architectural design of the facades and of the Hospital Street


Grand Prix of Rome Award Winner, teacher at School of Architecture in Paris Villemon, School of Architecture’s president, Zublena founded SCAU in 1973.
From then Zublena and SCAU designed and realized a lot of major works in France and in the world, in  different areas like: master plan of Buenos Ayres, residential districts (Marne la Vallèe, Evry 1), research center (Fontenay s/B, Vendomes, IBM, Technopole di Massy), schools (University of Strasburgo, Creteil’s Secondary school, Ecoles de Mines in Nantes), major sport centers (Saint-Denis stadium in Paris,  Stadium in Tolone, Tours, Istanbul and Suwon-Korea). The major works in the health area is the Pompidou Hospital in Paris, other works are in the district area of Paris, in Nantes and recently in Nimes and Alba-Bra.

Architect ZUBLENA Aymeric
Architectural designer of Facades and hospital Street Group Leader
Work Artistic Director


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