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Steam s.r.l.


via Venezia, 59/15 sc.C – PADOVA


Company in charge of technological system design, medical equipment and acoustic.


Founded in 1992 from Strada Engineering Company founded in 1980 by Professor Engineer Strada Mauro. Specialised on system for large buildings like hospitals (Alba Bra, Policlinico of Bari), airports (Marco Polo of Venice, Treviso), theatres (Petruzzelli, Malibra), and advisory services for acoustic, energy and environmental. Over the years the company has expanded its areas of activities by supplying more integrated engineering services, including feasibility study, design for private and public buildings and renovation of historical assets (Molino Stucky ed San Clemente Isle in Venice, museum San Domenico in Forlì). Since 2002, Steam is certified according to the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Engineer STRADA Mauro
Acoustic and Technological system Designer chief
Mechanical System Chief


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